Where do I sign up for Canvas?

To start, go to Canvas Registration to create an account.

  • Should receive an "Welcome to Canvas" email notification with a direct link to access Canvas.
  • Click on the link to go to the Dashboard home page or Login Page .
  • On the dashboard home page to create a new Course:
    • Start a New Course, (give it a name)
    • Settings
    • Import Content into this Course
    • Content Type: Canvas Course Export Package
  • Navigate to the attached file
    • All content
    • Import

To reset username/password click here!

For canvas tutorials such as setting up your account as an instructor, grading, or any other questions please visit the website for more information.

Start of Quarter Check-list
  • ➣ Send the syllabi for each of your classes to Angie Brenner prior to the start of the quarter.
  • ➣ Check out your classrooms.
  • ➣ Check with the bookstore and make sure that your books are in.
What is CAR and PAR system?

The CAR revision process is best represented by a flow chart that list the steps that happens during the Course Adoption/Revision (CAR) and Program Adoption Revision (PAR) processes. Click on each box to view the details for each step.

To access CAR and PAR, you can log in to the page.

Where do I check my Green River email?

To access your Green River mail, you can log in the Sign In page.

Instructor Briefcase - Current Class Rosters, Submissions of Final Grades.

For current class rosters and submiting final grades, go to Open Instructor Briefcase Page.

Instructions to sign in:

  • Login: Instructor ID (840******)
  • PIN: (usually last 6 digits of SSN)
Logging in to Canvas (Learning Management System)

Green River College uses Canvas, an open online course platform to connect with students.

To log into canvas you will need to have a username (usually first initial and last name) and password which is your instructor ID

  • Login: username@greenriver.edu
  • Password: Instructor ID (840******)

Where can I create a syllabus?

The PDF file can be found on Approved Syllabus Template

Look under files -> Syllabi , for a collection of IT and CS course syllabi.

  • **Please submit syllabus to Angie Brenner at the beginning of the quarter.
How can I apply my office hours?

Generally one hour per day, it can be before or after class, or online.

Submit office hours to Angie Brenner at the beginning of the quarter.

Can I do a course overload?

If you want to overload your class to take a few more students beyond our normal registration capacity of 24 students, you can do so with this form. Please do not overload beyond your physical classroom capacity: we do not want students sitting on the floor or in chairs without a desk, even if students say they are okay with it. In our division, you have authority to sign for our Technology Division Chair, Jae Suk, on the overload forms.

Students are then responsible for taking the completed/signed form to Enrollment Services, located in Student Affairs (SA) building, room 272

Is there software for students to use at home?

There are software options for students with a discount at the campus Paper Tree Bookstore. For free OSes, development tools, Visio, Project etc. go to Green River DreamSpark Portal.

Send a copy of your class roster to Krish Mahadevan or Ken Hang to enroll students in DreamSpark.

Signing up for Dream Spark:

  • ➣ Go to http://greenriverit.onthehub.com
  • ➣ Click the Sign In link
  • ➣ Click the Forgot Usernameor Password link
  • ➣ Enter your student email address (you@mail.greenriver.edu) and click Submit
How does the SMARTboard or other devices work in the classroom?

Here is an Interactive Device guide to work with devices such as SmartTech SMART boards, Epson projectors, Promethean Interactive Whiteboards, ActivInspire, & Classflow Software.

Where can I print, copy and scan documents?

There are two options to print, copy and scan documents:

For Print Shop use:

  • For printing large batches of classroom materials. (Syllabi, handouts, etc.)
  • You can specify to have the printouts delivered to TC (generally shows up in TC 133) or you can pick it up from the Print Shop, which is located on the loading dock of the RLC building. Pickup is often faster if you need something sooner, although they are not open during the evenings.
  • You can also specify stapling, double sided printing, hole punching, color paper, etc. Color ink printing is possible, but it does cost quite a bit more so please use color printing only when justified.
  • In general, print jobs can take up to 48 hours to complete, but can often be faster.
  • The Print Shop is much more cost effective than using the self-service copiers and printers on campus – all printing gets charged to our department and we want to be responsible stewards of student tuition and fees and of taxpayer money.
  • To log in to Print Shop, enter your credentials as same as accessing your Green River email:

    • Login: grcc_ad\WebmailUsername
    • Password: (same as Webmail password)

  • On the print shop form "Charge To Account Code" section, indicate the following:

    • For 100 or 200-level classes:
    • ➣ APP: 148, PROG: 012, ORG: 1Y14

    • Network Administration and Security classes (300 or 400-level):
    • ➣APP: 148, PROG: 012, ORG: 1Y13

    • Software Development classes (300 or 400-level):
    • ➣APP: 148, PROG: 012, ORG: 1Y19

    • Authorized by: (your name)
    • Password: (same as Webmail password)

    • For non-class related such as program advertising or stuff for internal team use
    • ➣Please contact Ken Hang for proper code inquiries.

TC 133 Copier

  • If you do have a small batch job, you can use our copier in TC 133 (or over in Kent Campus in their copy room).
  • Copies are charged to the department, so they definitely need to be related to our work. The copiers can also scan to PDF and email the results to you at no cost.
  • For small jobs and administrative task

Evaluations are performed when a faculty member and/or Dean will observe the class once before the end of the quarter. The goals for adjunct instructional evaluations encourages continued growth instructor performance. Also measure the effectiveness of instructor performance and to identify and provide assistance for improved instructor performance.

Students are given an evaluation form to complete before the end of the quarter.

Employee Intranet (Private) Site

To access your account:

  • Login: grcc_ad/WebmailUsername
  • Password: same as Webmail password
Where can I find the Faculty Contract?

The Faculty Contract can be access using the same login and password as the Employee Intranet (private site).

  • Login: grcc_ad/WebmailUsername
  • Password: same as Webmail password
Classroom Access

If you need access to the classrooms over break or on the weekend when campus is closed, you can call Campus Safety at (253) 288-3350. Let them know you are an instructor and they will walk over to the TC building to check your employee ID/badge and can let you in the building (if your badge does not work for some reason) and they can let you into the classroom as well.

Cancelling classes information

Steps to follow when cancelling class:

  • Call: 253-833-911 x2715
  • ➣ Communicate which classes are to be cancelled. Be specific about all classes or only some classes.
  • ➣ We will confirm that we received your message by email. If you don't receive a confimation at least 30 minutes before your class starts, please call again.


  • Email: Your Building Secretary is Katie Markham at kmarkham@greenriver.edu
  • Call Security: 253-833-9111 x3350
    • ➣ When class(es) starts at 7:00 am or before, or after 3:30 pm.
    • ➣ Night Classes: must call Dean'soffice, if cancelling an evening class.
    • ➣ Please call prior to 3 pm if possible, in order for students to be contacted.

Math Dean: (Connie) x2156

Technology Dean: (Angie) x2206

What is the "space available” waiver for public employees?
Washington State employees can register for a class at any state college or university for FREE, but only on a space available basis. Students using this waiver may not be moved ahead of students on class waitlists nor may they be added to a waitlist, and waiver students may not overload a class capacity. Students using the space-available waiver may register after the 6th day of the quarter.
No-Show Policy

If a student does not show up on the first day, you can request that a missing student be dropped and another student be added in their place. Faculty have the ability to complete the no-show paperwork beginning the first day but may wait until the third or fourth day. There are some students who make an honest mistake due to scheduling/room changes, or are new to the college and get caught in the parking lot tangle on the first day. How you want to replace no-show students is up to you.

Students are then responsible for taking the completed/signed form to Enrollment Services, located in Student Affairs (SA) building, room 272.

Registration Process
  • ➣ Students may add and drop through the first three days of the quarter without instructor permission as long as there is an available seat and no students left on the waitlist.

  • ➣ Beginning the fourth day of the quarter, all adds require instructor signature on the add/drop form and students must register in-person at Enrollment Services.

  • ➣ Students have the ability to drop classes using WEB registration through the eighth week of the quarter and instructor permission is not required

  • ➣ Unpaid students will be dropped for lack of payment. In order to re-register for classes, the student must obtain the instructor’s signature and register in-person in Enrollment Services.
IT Help Desk

The IT Help Desk supports issues such as (webmail, grcc_domain). Computer issues in TC 120 (grcc_student domain). VMware for Home use webpage.

For computer issues in TC 116 and TC 118 (tech domain) please contact:

  • Alan Carter
  • Office: (253)-833-9111 x4630
  • Cell/Text: (253)-217-3486
  • Email Alan
  • Krish Mahadevan
  • Office: (253)-833-9111 x4311
  • Email Krish
  • Ken Hang
  • Office: (253)-833-9111 x4310
  • Cell/Text: (703)-201-2372
  • Email Ken
  • Angela "Spunky" Robinson
  • Office: (253)-833-9111 x4418
  • Email Spunky

For classroom support in all of TC building, please contact:

  • Richard Douglas ("Doug")
  • Office: (253)-833-9111 x4671
  • Email Doug

For a student who adds a class automatically to appear on Canvas usually takes 48 hours, any other concerns please contact:

  • Jerry Marshall
  • Office: (253)-833-9111 x4222
  • Email Jerry

For inquires about Instructor Briefcase, please contact:

  • Angie Brenner
  • Office: (253)-833-9111 x2518
  • Email Angie